Friday, November 7, 2008

Our first post

Being in the log home/construction industry allows us to tap into our creative side to produce works of Art. Both Ed and myself are thrilled to have this opportunity to create these homes for our clients. Ed has been in the construction industry for over 25 years and has been building log homes on and off over those years, I have come from the business side, working in manufacturing and have been in the log home industry since 2005. Together we make a great team.

We came up with the idea of starting our own log home company, Lang Creek Log Homes, after we both left a log home company that we had invested both our time and money into almost two years ago. We are finally putting the final touches on our new facility in Acton, California.

Not all log home manufacturers are created equal and we found that out the hard way by working with a crook! We tried to get them to go straight, but after months and months of trying, we saw there was no light at the end of the tunnel - just fixing the screw ups that were being made over and over again. We actually would get into arguments trying to get our partners to build homes per the engineered plans! We realized the mentality would not change, so we left. So after we brushed off our egos, patched up our elbows and ...... our bank accounts, we set off to open a company with integrity with a real push toward delivering a high quality product at a fair price to our clients. Incidentally, the company we left was forced to closed their doors a year later......

In the time to come, we hope to provide you some insight into what it takes to build a log home, Ed and my ying/yang relationship, offer some suggestions, innovations from from the basics to how to build Green. We have a great desinger in house, a UCLA grad, whos main focus is designing eco friendly, producing amazing amazing log structures.

We apricate your time and hope to see you back soon.

Dean Schinnerer

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